(Book) Best Open Water Swim Spots in Vermont and New Hampshire!

StephenUpdated: April, 2015

My swim book, The Best! Open Water Swimming (and swim holes) in Southern Vermont and Southwest New Hampshire, has now been off the presses for a year and a half. So I am now updating this announcement to say, “What are you waiting for?!?!?!?!”  There’s no better time to purchase the perfect travel companion for your New England journey this spring, summer and fall. This is the insider’s guide to the best swim holes and open water swimming workouts in southern Vermont and southwest New Hampshire!  You don’t need to be that workout junkie who craves hours-long swims in pristine lakes and rivers. Nor do you need to be a swim hole lounger who soaks in refreshing pools of crystalline waters, or savors the relaxing massage underneath tumbling waters in forested seclusion or underneath a historic covered bridge. You can be one or the other. Or, like me, you can be both!!  What’s better?

This book is your passport to the best swim spots in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and abandoned quarries across southern Vermont and southwest New Hampshire. Buy it for your Kindle, or turn the paper pages with your own two fingers.

These swim holes don’t lose their appeal as quickly as Miley Cyrus’ dance at the VMA (do you even remember it?), or the next Kardashian drama. They’re here to stay. So grab a book, study up, enjoy the photography and dream of those refreshing swims, cool waterfalls, exhilarating plunges from rope swings, or hardcore workouts you will enjoy in the spring, summer and fall of 2015, and beyond. And if you’re not from the area, plan your next vacation in New England and visit some of these sweet spots!

If you are not planning a trip to New England, or a dip in some of these heavenly waters, why not purchase this book for a friend or family member who is. Or just page through it for your own entertainment and enjoy the photography of the area and some of the history that I share. Who knows, you may feel that irresistible urge to get in your car, hop on your motorcycle or bicycle, and pluck yourself down for a while. Maybe I’ll see you there.  😉


  • 18 swim sites in scenic rural New England settings!
  • Full color photographs of each site!
  • Detailed directions and recommendations on what to bring!
  • Recommended swim routes, including maps and distances!
  • You’ll also find swim holes, rope swings, tubing adventures, or picnic spots by the water surrounded by New England nature at its best.
  • A local Vermonter’s inside perspective!

I’ve posted a sample of the book here: The Best! Open Water Swimming (Sample)

Buy your copy today. Here’s where you can order it:PublishedCover

You’ll receive the best deal buying direct from Burrow’s, Everyone’s or me. Amazon takes a large cut so the price is higher online. If you’d like an autographed copy, please say so and I’d be happy to sign the book.

Thanks for your support. Hope you all have a wonderful summer. Remember to eat well, get plenty of sleep, take time to breathe deeply, find time for relaxation and exercise, and enjoy these precious moments we’re given.


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