Cambodia: These three pictures were taken during one of my several visits to the temples of Angkor that date between the 9th and 15th centuries. I was meditating quietly at a temple complex beyond some villages and rice fields. These children were playing along the temple steps when they decided I needed some new friends.

Angkor Wat Children at Peace

Angkor Playground


Rwanda: I had been working there for a couple of weeks and at the end of the trip I took a weekend to explore the Ruhengeri region where the Golden Monkeys and Gorillas live in the bamboo and rain forests. I was greeted by these children in Kiinigi, where I stayed. When I wandered into the village I finally gave into their unceasing requests for a gift. I found a small (*very* small) store and bought every pencil and pad of paper they had. The elders had to intervene and queue the children due to the mad clamber that ensued.

Kiinigi Children

I met Einar during a wet and muddy 6 day trek to Ciudad Perdida in the Santa Marta mountains of northern Colombia. When our group finally arrived on our third day we decided one day was not enough to explore these ruins. We stayed an extra day, woke up early and listened to the jungle come alive around us as we perched atop the ruins. Later, we found moss-covered stone paths that led to icy pools of crystal clear water fed by layers of tumbling waterfalls. Before we departed for our journey back to the beach side village of Taganga, Einar etched a message to his sister on his chest and stomach and asked me to take a photograph.


Another work trip. This time to Israel and the West Bank. I took a long weekend to explore Jerusalem. Leaving a synagogue adjacent to the Wailing Wall, I encountered these two Hassidic Jewish men engaged in an animated conversation.

Animated Conversation

I took six work trips to Egypt between 2004 and 2007. I was fortunate to discover a Sufi dance performance in the Bab Zwayla area of old Cairo early in those years of travel. I returned to those performances with each succeeding trip.

Trance: Sufi Dancer

Uganda: The end of a long day of rafting down the Nile at its source out of Lake Victoria. These two children helped pull the rafts from the water and pack them back in the vans that would return us to Kampala.

Children at a mud hut

From 1982-1986 I served in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Kiribati and the Solomon Islands. During that time I shot Kodachrome 64 with an Olympus OM-10. All of my pictures are on slides and in storage. Some day I’ll have them properly scanned and converted to digital format. This one, a very poorly scanned image I converted years ago, shows a group of children playing on an unfinished causeway on the island of Nonouti, Kiribati. I’m including it, despite its graininess, because of the atmosphere it captures from my years in the Central Pacific. Wherever I walked, it seemed I always had a welcomed entourage of children at my heels.

Children of Nonouti, 1983

A Colombian shaman performs a ritualistic healing.


My beautiful daughter (Temple University, 2012)


England (2012)


Washington, DC (2012)


Washington, DC (2012)


England (2012)

England on the Train

Moses Akiva cooling off in the Rinquia River, Peruvian Amazon (2012).

Moses Akiva

Making perfume in the Bab Zwayla, Cairo, Egypt.

Custom Cologne

Karen, John and Griffin (Monmouth, Maine)

John Karen Griffin

Post-swim boat party with Hal, Marcel, Lois and friends (Gloucester, MA).

Hal and Lois


Rohingya children in an internally displaced persons camp (Myebon)





Going to market (Myebon)



Moving bamboo up the western delta (Rakhine State)



Collecting crabs (Bay of Bengal, Sittwe)




Under the pomegranate trees (Shadizi)



Welcome, may I pick your pocket? (Spin Boldak)



After the meeting (Loy Karez)





Sharing melon (Robat)


Republic of Georgia

The national past-time: grilling (Tbilisi)


“The Guys” … and the town drunk (photo bomb in the background) Kazbegi


Cindy with the fruit vendors (Kazbegi)


Traditional Georgian Dancers










A Helping Hand (Mtskheta)


Waiting for Stalin (Gori)


The Street Vendor


Ready for winter (Brattleboro ski jump, Brattleboro, Vermont)

Photo Feb 14, 03 49 38

Waiting for the perfect wave (Hampton Beach, New Hampshire)

Photo Jul 09, 13 58 35

The Grand Slambovians. If you haven’t seen them you should (Putney, Vermont)


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