Animals – Insects – Creatures

Horse in Pasture (Danby, Vermont)


Highland Cattle (Stowe, Vermont)


Butternut (Monmouth, Maine)


Some of the hardest things for me to see when I travel abroad are the harsh conditions and treatment of animals. Here, I was walking in the City of the Dead in Cairo, Egypt, a massive cemetery where it’s estimated nearly 500,000 of it’s 9,000,000 people live. A donkey tethered to a pole.

Donkey in Cairo

Republic of Georgia

My friend, the Mantis (Tbilisi)



Sheep in the backyard (Kazbegi)



The runaway pig (Kutaisi)



On the way home, part 1 (Tbilisi Sea)



On the way home, part 2 (Tbilisi Sea)



Too much wine, oh my (Kazbegi)


Butterfly (Belize, 2011)

 Photo Nov 13, 12 45 34

On one of my half dozen trips to Egypt between 2004 and 2008 I traveled to the Sinai Peninsula and hiked Mt. Sinai. This picture taken on my descent after watching the sun rise over the desert.

Curious Camel

Dalmation (Villa de Leyva, Colombia)

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