IMAGES-VOICES-WORDS: Explorations of Photography and Writing

Chronological list of blog posts: Explorations of Photography and Writing

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This May Not Be the Georgia You Are Thinking Of (01/23/2016)


Photographic Intro to The Republic of Georgia – Kazbegi (01/12/2016)


Waterfalls of Vermont and New Hampshire (10/27/2015)


Four Seasons in One Day (10/25/2015)


The Long Repose (10/13/2015)

Thatched Hut

A Trip Down the Western Delta (01/04/2015)


Sublime (12/14/2014)

Under the Pomegranate Trees

The Black and White Challenge (12/11/2014)

Railroad Bridge

Bridges Over the Winooski River (12/06/2014)

November snowstorm

Vermont November Landscapes (12/02/2014)

Barn on Misty Morning

Vermont in October – End of a Season (11/02/2014)


Celestine (10/21/2014)

Candy Apple

Manheim Farm Show, Lancaster County (10/15/2014)

The Guilford Waterfall

Vermont in October, Part 1 (10/06/2014)


Vermont in October, Part 2 (10/13/2014)


People, International (10/04/2014)


People, U.S. (09/27/2014)

Colombia - Ciudad Perdida 2

Landscapes, International (09/25/2014)

Vermont - Winter Barn

Landscapes, U.S. (09/21/2014)

South Dakota Sunset

Sky (09/18/2014)

Dorset Marble Quarry

Water (09/13/2014)

Folk for Peace

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (09/11/2014)

Super Moon in Vermont

Super Moon (08/10/2014)

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