Vermont in Autumn – Transition (series 3)

November 29, 2016

fairlee_airport01_smallStick season, as we call it here in Vermont, occurs in that space between foliage season and the onset of snow. Generally, that means late October to early December, give or take some weeks on each end depending on how Mother Earth chooses to behave. Any wise person knows you don’t slap dates on Mother Earth. She has a mind of her own, and so it should be.

The mention of ‘wise’ people sets me to contemplating, especially as the rain pours down here in southern Vermont on a grey, chilly, late November day in Stick Season. It is the sort of day I consider near perfect for sitting, and contemplating, and writing.

But I won’t take much of your time. A few meandering thoughts, if you will…

I find this time of year of low light in the northern hemisphere drives not only my physical body to be sheltered inside in the comfort of my tiny home in the woods, but also sets my soul to settle on more solitary ground. As I sit here today my heart and mind travel across the years that seem to pass more swiftly despite my futile attempts to apply the brakes. Mostly, I am nonplussed to consider my situation. I am not in this predicament alone… friend. On the grey and chilly side of this current deliberation lies the reality of time passing more quickly than the many tasks and dreams I hope to accomplish and attain before that final hour. On the brighter side of the equation lies the wisdom I feel I have attained – and continue to attain – as a sum of the rich life I have lived and the providence the Universe, God, Spirit, Luck (call it what you will) has showered upon me. Yes, ultimately I see the glass as half full.

Pour me more wine, please!!

Attention! I did not claim to be wise! A wide chasm separates those who claim to be wise from those who claim to be attaining wisdom. I entreat you to consider me humbled at the feet of the ultimate wisdom of the universe!

I have gone philosophical. That’s what a grey, chilly, late November day in Stick Season will do to me. I will release you to a few photographs that evoke the season. I hope you will enjoy. And please do feel free to leave your thoughts and comments. I always enjoy hearing from those who are gracious enough to visit these pages.



On my meanderings through my neighborhood


The stillest of days with the waters of the West and Connecticut Rivers like glass

(iPhone photo)


The Dummerston Covered Bridge (Vermont’s longest), just down the road from my home


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(iPhone photo)


Foggy morning and sunbeams on Beaver Pond Road

(iPhone photo)



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4 thoughts on “Vermont in Autumn – Transition (series 3)

  1. I love your musings – so in keeping with the seasons; of the year (Stick) and of life. Your beautiful pictures capture this as well.

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