November 8, 2016

It is November 8th and it is time to vote, America! If you live in the United States and are registered, then you have no excuse – GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY! Voting Rights law requires an employer to give you two hours off to vote. So you don’t work, but can’t drive or take public transportation to the polls? Call family or friends to give you a ride. If you do not vote you are not exercising your most fundamental right in the oldest democracy in the world. This election is too important – every election is important – to not exercise that right. Your vote does count.

And here is my in-your-face opinion if you do not vote: You do not have the right to voice your opinion about how this country is run and the politicians who were democratically elected to draft our laws. Climb back in your hole and keep your mouth shut. Or better yet, maybe you should go find a country where you have no rights at all? Our democracy is far from perfect, but I do not think it takes a lot of contemplation to appreciate the freedom and rights we have in the United States.

Maybe you have become cynical to the fact that the system is rigged and your vote is not really counted? I confess to a degree of cynicism myself, BUT I vote. Maybe, if you consider a little more deeply, you might see that it’s not the system that’s rigged, but the fact that the electorate in this country has become complacent. Here is a cold fact for you: Voter turnout fluctuates in national elections, but on average only about 60% of eligible voters actually cast their vote. Consider, on the other hand, countries like Belgium and Malta, which have a voter turnout that reaches 95%!

You say you don’t like the choices we are given? Neither candidate represents you? Then write in your choice. This blog is not telling you who to vote for, it’s just asking you, telling you, pleading with you to vote. So get out there and do your duty! But before you do, enjoy these few long exposure photos I took of the White House, Washington Memorial and Capitol Building during a visit to DC in September.

Happy Voting!


The White House – telephoto lens long exposure


Moon and Birds Over the U.S. Capitol Building

(I will talk about this blended photoshop technique in an upcoming post)


Looking Down the Mall at the Washington Monument



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