Vermont in Autumn – Reflections (series 2)

October 29, 2016

Light is most kind to a photographer at the beginning and end of the day. The light is softer, richer and saturates sky, earth and water with deeper hues. Clouds are more dense. Subdued winds invite mirrored reflections on water. Fall’s colors are amplified in those reflections. In this post I share photographs taken at the ends of the day – early morning and late afternoon – with nature’s mirror (water) amplifying the adjacent colors of the landscape.


Morning Fog and Reflection on the West River

Location: Brattleboro


Foggy Morning on the Meadows

Location: Brattleboro


Morning Fog and Reflection at the Dummerston Covered Bridge

Location: Dummerston


Mt. Wantastiquet (New Hampshire) in Color

Location: Brattleboro (VT)


Late Afternoon at the Green River

Location: Guilford


Set Alight by the Sun

Location: Connecticut River between Brattleboro (VT) and Hinsdale (NH)



All Content Copyrighted © Stephen Tavella

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