“Time is Like a Jet Plane, It Moves Too Fast”

October 13, 2016

With news this morning of Bob Dylan’s receipt of the Nobel Prize for Literature, I recalled a line from “You’re a Big Girl Now,” from Dylan’s incomparable Blood on the Tracks record, while I was considering a title for this post. I have had many conversations over the years about this concept of time moving more quickly as we age. There seems to be a general consensus: it certainly seems to do so as we get older. Don’t ask me why. Or better yet, as Neil Young once sang, “Tell Me Why.” I am as confounded by it as many others I have spoken to. Still, I continue to instigate this conversation. I think not so much out of the hope of figuring out why, but more so, I believe, to listen to and consider the many fascinating viewpoints on this ageless subject.

With that in mind, as I was cutting and stacking firewood yesterday in the brisk fall air while yellow, red, orange and brown leaves sprinkled down around me like autumn snowflakes, I thought to myself how quickly, once again, spring has passed into summer, and summer into fall. Where did spring and summer go? The memories of my partner and me turning our vegetable garden soil in April, planting our seeds and seedlings in May, tending to and eating from the garden in June, July, August and September, and finally taking down the bean poles and dried tomato plants yesterday seem to have all happened within the span of a few weeks.

Time is like a jet plane.

I haven’t posted a photograph here since June, but I have taken a few pictures between then and now. So before I start posting photographs from another picturesque fall in Vermont, I would like to share some summer memories from around my beloved southern Vermont.


Early summer at the Green River Crib Dam, Guilford


Discovery at the Beaver Dam, Guilford


Aquatic Friend on a Trek Up Stickney Brook, Dummerston


Riverbed, Dummerston


Nighttime on the Meadows, Brattleboro


The Secret Pond, Marlboro


Ball Mountain Dam, Jamaica


A Stop Along the Interstate, Westminster



Sunset on the West River, Brattleboro



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