The Long Repose

October 13, 2015

WithDaveMatthews_05-2015You do not have to scroll far down this page to see the last time I posted on my blog. It has been “awhile.” There are many tales to tell of why this blog has been neglected. Those stories will not be told here. For my good friends to whom I owe long-overdue letters, apologies and explanations are on their way.

Forgive me.

I hope to return to fairly regular posts. The first few will be “catch-ups” from seasons past where I snapped a lot of photos in northern Vermont while living for a short time in the Barre/Montpelier/Morrisville areas. I then hope to stay up-to-date on my latest adventures here in Georgia (the country near Russia, not the state between Alabama and South Carolina). I arrived in Georgia in mid-September on a six month work assignment as a management advisor to a peace center in Tbilisi, the capitol.

My friends and family know me as a country boy. For the next six months I am a city boy, living and working among 1.1 million people and commuting 45 minutes each way on public transportation from the outskirts of the city where I live with a Georgian family. More on all of that later. With this post I simply want to say for those who have faithfully followed this blog, “Thank you for your patience.” For those who are new, I invite you to click the ‘Like’ button or enter your email if you would like to receive an update when I post a new story. I promise, you will not get spammed. I post, at the most, a couple times a week.

Until I assemble my next few posts, which will likely be some Vermont and New England shots from the winter, spring and summer of 2015, I will leave you with a handful of photos that compare and contrast my Vermont existence with this new temporary life in the beautiful country of Georgia and its fascinating city of Tbilisi.

Sunrise on Hogback Mountain

One of my favorite views in southern Vermont: the 100 mile view into Massachusetts and New Hampshire from Hogback mountain overlook on route 9. This is the new cover photo for my blog.


Sunset over the West River, Brattleboro, Vermont

And one of my favorite viewing spots for sunsets near my home of Dummerston, Vermont, located just a few miles north of Brattleboro.

Photo Aug 21, 20 03 23

City lights of Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

This is a 25 second time exposure of the eastern (and older section) of Tbilisi taken from the castle on the hill overlooking the city. More descriptions and details will be forthcoming in future posts.


Sunset on Tbilisi Sea

I live on the outskirts of the city, just 10 minutes walk from this beautiful sea/reservoir. The country boy in me gets to continue to enjoy some country while soaking in this beautiful city for the next six months.


Thank you for visiting!

See you soon


All photographs and content © Stephen Tavella

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