Celestine in Blue 1

Celestine in Blue Satin

October 21, 2014

I’ve been slowly sorting through reams of photographs for what I thought would be my next post – Rock – but the sorting, selecting and additional picture-taking is consuming more time than I imagined. My upcoming post will look at natural and human-made landscapes and structures around the world – their natural beauty, their unique and binding qualities, and the many ways we use it for practical, spiritual and artistic expression.

While I continue to work on selecting my photographs for the Rock series I decided to post a handful of pictures I had sorted through over a year ago and forgot about. I recently joined Instagram (click on one of the pictures on my sidebar at right to follow me) and while digging through my archive looking for pictures to post there I found these studio shots I had taken through a workshop offered by the Vermont Center for Photography over a year ago.  I realized I never posted them on my blog. I think that’s because I was writing either about Afghanistan or Myanmar and Celestine just didn’t fit into the mix.

This was my first studio shoot. I was fortunate to work with both an incredibly gifted VCP technical staff, as well as a gifted professional model who not only responded to my suggestions but also offered her own ideas. These photographs are only slightly modified to remove some shadow, provide additional highlight, and some smoothing of Celestine’s skin tone in a few cases.

Enough said…



Celestine in Blue 2

Celestine in Blue 3

Celestine in Red 1

Celestine in Red 2

Celestine in Red 3

Celestine in Orange

Celestine Sheer

Coming Soon (hopefully): Rock


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