Vermont in October (Part 2)


Red Leaves at the Pleasant Valley Reservoir, Dummerston

October 13, 2014

Since 1986 I’ve made southern Vermont my home. And for these 28 years the fall foliage season has always hit its peak around the middle of October. This year is no different. The forests around my neighborhood are currently painted in deep hues of red, orange and yellow; the fields are blanketed in fallen foliage; and the still ponds reflect the vibrant colors while the babbling brooks deposit thick heaps of leaves along their arteries.

I’ve been traipsing along the country roads around my place and wandering off into the forests with my camera slung over my shoulder. I traveled farther afield on Sunday for the annual Dummerston Apple Pie Festival. I ate apple pie with cheddar cheese and hand-cranked vanilla ice cream for breakfast. Yum!  For over 40 years dozens of volunteers have prepared, baked and served thousands of apple pies, and possibly tons of ice cream and cheddar cheese, to countless locals and tourists alike – the apples, cheddar and cream all products of Vermont. For me, this is the most beautiful, but regretfully the shortest of seasons. By next week many of the trees will be barren and many more nearly so.The grey days of November are just around the corner, and soon thereafter the long nights of winter along with the inevitable thick blankets of snow.

With that in mind, here’s to mid-October in southern Vermont, its apple pies, bright foliage, crisp air and unforgettable beauty.

First two pictures: Route 9 between Brattleboro and Bennington

Route 9 to Bennington

Golden Leaves and Birch

A series of close-ups




A series of reflections in water


Reflections on the Bog

Credit: Cindy Powell

My friend, Cindy Powell, shoots reflections with her cell phone. This picture taken on the Mill River, Northampton.

Photo credit: Cindy Powell

Reflections on Beaver Pond

Bush-whacking through the woods near my home and stumbling upon a beaver pond and dam.


At the Dummerston Apple Pie Festival

Lots of Pie to Eat



McIntosh4Sale     Golden4Sale


Leaves and Water (at Stickney Brook and Pleasant Valley Reservoir)




Ode to Autumn



Coming Soon:

– Manheim Farm Show (Lancaster County)

– Rock

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