Upcoming Posts: Vermont, Farm Show and Rock

October 10, 2014

Images-Voices-Words is currently assembling photographs and stories on three new subject areas: Vermont in October (Part 2), Farm Show (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) and Rock. Here’s a preview of these future posts.

I visited my family in Pennsylvania this week and in a mere three days most of the remaining green in the verdant Vermont landscape has turned to bright hues of orange, yellow and red. The leaves are changing color quickly, the tourists are flocking to Vermont in bus loads while the remaining green of the grass is blanketed by the colorful foliage that quickly turns brownish red. My next post will feature photographs from around southern Vermont during this short but most beautiful of seasons.

Reflecting Lake

Reflecting Lake


Golden Leaves

I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, home of the Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch, or German), Mennonites and Amish. The latter group is known for their simple lifestyle that eschews 20th century conveniences for a value system much in keeping with their traditional pre-twentieth century lifestyle. Yet they continue to thrive alongside large modernized farms and a growing consumerist culture in Lancaster County and many other agricultural communities throughout the United States. The 61st annual Manheim farm  show is among the largest in Lancaster County – especially impressive for one of the smallest communities: a town of only 5,000 inhabitants. Join me in a photographic journey through the exhibits, the landscape and of course the parade (which I photographed from a different perspective).


Amish Plowman and Mules

Candy Apple

Candy Apples are a staple of every farm show

Rock! This upcoming post will feature photographs of famous United States mountain ranges, rock climbing spots and man-made rock structures from around the world.


Ancient Greek ruins of Paesteum, Italy

El Cap!

El Capitan: One of the most famous rock climbing destinations in the United States


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