Vermont in October (Part 1)


Rural landscape and fields along the Connecticut River

October 6, 2014

The state of Vermont is known for many things. Among them, expansive green mountains, crystal clear rocky rivers, covered bridges, maple syrup, snow, skiing, hiking, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, cheese, hippies, farmer’s markets, and of course the colors of fall that blanket the landscape as the leaves change to bright shades of yellow, orange and red.

It’s October, so the mountains are beginning to paint themselves in bright colors, the ground is strewn with leaves, while the rivers and brooks wash them down their arteries and deposit them on their embankments. Mushrooms are appearing everywhere under the damp leaves that are turning my green lawn into a Wolf Kahn painting. The air is crisp, perfumed by a musty smell that invites me to rake a pile of leaves, jump into it and lay there long enough so I can bring the smell of the leaves into my home.

When I thought of doing this post I imagined one series of pictures featuring the autumn landscape in Vermont. But this past weekend a friend and I took a motorcycle ride around country roads and discovered the leaves haven’t yet hit peak. So I’m going to do a two-part series: Vermont in October (pre-peak) and Vermont in October (deep color). I feel absolutely blessed to live in this paradise. The pictures in this first of two posts were taken in the woods around my home, or within a 25 mile radius. The only thing that’s missing is a widget that allows you to click a button and smell the freshness of this season.

Ah, Vermont, I love you!



Cows in verdant, misty meadow (Dummerston)

Wickopee Hill

In front of my home (Dummerston)


Looking up while raking leaves (Dummerston)

West River and Townshend Dam

The Green Mountains starting to change their look (Townshend)

Leaves in Water

Leaves in Water (Townshend)

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge (Dummerston)

Reflections in Water and Sunlight

At the Guilford Covered Bridge (Guilford)

This next series of photographs were taken at my secret morning walking place near my home. I often take this walk in the mornings.

I call this series “Me and the Fairies”

Traipsing Through the Woods

Photo Oct 06, 00_04_25    Photo Oct 06, 00_04_41

Photo Oct 06, 00_01_10    Photo Oct 06, 00_00_27


Log and Water

The Distance


Closer in Black and White

The Return

Returning home

Mushrooms and Frog

Mushrooms and Frog in My Yard on a Rainy Morning

Coming Soon: Vermont in October (The Peak)


All content Copyrighted © Stephen Tavella

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