Arrival in Myanmar

January 5, 2014

A year ago as I was sitting in my friend Heidi’s house in a cold and snowy Vermont I doubted whether I still had the will and enthusiasm to continue lending assistance in some of the poorest countries in the world. This past year provided me with the opportunity to do some deep reflection. I moved into my new home in the solitude of the mountains of Vermont, traveled on my motorcycle around the United States, and spent many hours with dear friends.

Twelve months later I’m newly arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, to start a six month assignment as the Head of Rakhine Relief for an international humanitarian organization. I’m excited and ready to dive into this work with my heart and soul. Many challenges await me.

Following a week of meetings and orientation in Yangon, I’ll fly to Sittwe, the state capital of Rakhine State in western Myanmar. As I learn and see more I’ll post details as time permits from what will undoubtedly be a very busy and demanding schedule. I’m about to meet the country director for dinner, so for now I’ll leave you with this video that will give you some insight into the situation in Rakhine and my work in the camps where I’ll be managing child protection, health, and water and sanitation projects along with approximately twenty other staff.

Video: Rohingya in Arakan


7 thoughts on “Arrival in Myanmar

  1. Prayers sent for your safety and success. May Angels surround you daily. I’ll look forward to reading about your endeavors. Peace, Jean

  2. Now I know how to spell Myanmar. Looked at the whole video and it was very depressing. I probably am in denial a lot or naive but it makes it hard to believe in a higher being. My orthodox Jewish daughter would say you are doing God’s work but I would just say that you are a very special person for doing it. Be well, Bob

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