Announcing the release of my new swim book

StephenSeptember 2, 2013

Dear Friends,

I’ve been back from my 12,500 mile trip around the United States on my motorcycle for over two months now. It’s been a busy and exciting time for me through July and August. Since my return I’ve made a decision to remain in Vermont. I purchased a home in historic Dummerston, Vermont, have been busy working the land where a flock of turkeys visit daily, coyotes howl at night and where a hidden spring gushes from the mountain into a hidden glen of moss and ferns… and I wrote a swim book. I feel so blessed.

My motorbike carried me to some of my favorite spots around the area where I’ve been swimming and enjoying nature for the past twenty-seven years. I photographed and recorded the necessary elements for the book in much the same way I photographed my way across the country. At times I felt I was still on my motorcycle trip as I enjoyed riding along twisting country roads winding through mountain valleys, along babbling brooks and past scenic vistas to die for. Shortly, I’ll put together a post of some photographic highlights from those two months. I took hundreds of pictures. A handful are featured in my new book.

So, I’m pleased to now announce the release of my new swim book, The Best! Open Water Swimming (and swim holes) in Southern Vermont and Southwest New Hampshire. I know, you’re probably saying, “Well, Steve, it’s past Labor Day, summer vacation is over, the kids are back in school, I’ve burnt all my vacation time and the weather leaves no doubt that swimming in the lakes and streams of Vermont and New Hampshire is getting a bit chilly right now.”

I agree. But I’ll also add this:

  • For those hardcore swim enthusiasts who love the idea of swimming in this picturesque environment, there are still some warm days left. For those who think not, I say don your wetsuit! That’s what I’ll be doing.
  • The holidays are not far away. Really, I mean it. Blink and they’ll be here. This is a perfect gift for your swim-enthusiast friend or partner, or even for yourself. Yes, it’s okay to buy yourself a holiday gift.
  • These swim holes don’t lose their appeal as quickly as Miley Cyrus’ dance at the VMA. They’re here to stay. So grab a book, study up, enjoy the photography and dream of those refreshing swims, cool waterfalls, exhilarating plunges from rope swings, or hardcore workouts you will enjoy in 2014. And if you’re not from the area, plan your next vacation in New England and visit some of these sweet spots!

Yes, winter’s on its way, undoubtedly. But wouldn’t it be fun to be reading about all these beautiful spots where you could be swimming next summer while the snow falling outside your door reminds you to get up early the next morning to shovel your way out of the house? I’m feeling warmer just thinking about it.


  • 18 swim sites in scenic rural New England settings!
  • Full color photographs of each site!
  • Detailed directions and recommendations on what to bring!
  • Recommended swim routes, including maps and distances!
  • You’ll also find swim holes, rope swings, tubing adventures, or picnic spots by the water surrounded by New England nature at its best.
  • A local Vermonter’s inside perspective!

I’ve posted a sample of the book here: The Best! Open Water Swimming (Sample)

Buy your copy today. Here’s where you can order it:PublishedCover

You’ll receive the best deal buying direct from Burrow’s, Everyone’s or me. Amazon takes a large cut so the price on the paperback version is higher online. If you’d like an autographed copy, please say so and I’d be happy to sign the book.

Thanks for your support. Hope you all had a wonderful summer. Remember to eat well, get plenty of sleep, take time to breathe deeply, find time for relaxation and exercise, and enjoy these precious moments we’re given.


7 thoughts on “Announcing the release of my new swim book

  1. Mauri,

    Hi from a long lost RPCV – John & Kirara – saw Curt & Cindy today – made me think of our days in Kiribati – good to see your life’s journey is stiil going.

  2. Steve! A blast from the past… We haven’t seen each other for some 15years (yike) or so. Linda (Dobson) Porter. My two step sons are avid bicyclists and love swimming/jumping in gorges, but totally into swimming in local areas. I had heard you wrote a book!! My swimming consists of 1/2 hour laps at the YMCA and, during the summer at Biscay Pond where we vacation (and soon will be moving) in Damariscotta Maine. I hope you have great success with your book! I should totally grab a copy!!! Best, Linda

    • Linda, what a nice surprise hearing from you! If you’re in Bratt you can get a copy at Burrows or Eceryone’s; otherwise, order directly from my site. Where are you living? Good to know you maintain a relationship with the water! Be well! Steve

      • Hi Steve,,,I am such a computer geek (and not in a good way!!) I actually forgot how I found you..then I Googled myself *long story() and I found your site…hmmm. anyway, I certainly will check out your book. I get to Brattleboro frequently. I’m in Bernardston Mass, which is about 10 15 minutes away. I have been busy…working for a mental health agency, I teach martial arts, am getting ready to test this fall for my 4’th degree black belt, (I have a small school at our barn and taught for 5 years with my son Liam) I am not teaching so much now, but I train with a couple of co workers who study Judo and Shotokhan karate.Swimming is def top on my list! So I will have to check out your book for the best swimming areas! You look great!! Swimming suits you!! Take care.. Linda

      • Hi Linda! Wonderful to hear from you. So good to hear of life treating you well. I could have used you where I just came from – Myanmar. You could have kicked some ass! ;-). Give me a call if you’re in the area. I’m living in Dummerston now. Be well!

      • Ha..ha…Your trip sounds amazing!!! The only ass I have been kicking lately has been mine…My friend and I were practicing his judo throw..I went over, so did he…I only got hurt when we both tried to get up at the same time and I bounced my face off of his knee, or he bounced his knee off of my face…too funny…Dummerston is so beautiful..I have been there a few times. I do get to Brattleboro fairly frequently… I love the Twilight Tea lounge….my daughter Sarah’s favourite place…:)I will absolutely give you a call when I get there again. Hope your day goes well….spring is finally here…!!! Best, Linda

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