The Gracious Host

June 23, 2013

I wouldn’t make the same mistake I made the previous morning – waiting for a storm front that was west of me and moving east, to pass. It didn’t pass until 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Saturday morning I awoke early.  It was just me, the fog and the silence of the early morning on the road to Sault St. Marie and the border crossing into Ontario, Canada. I yearned to stay on the Upper Peninsula and take in more of its maritime history and Great Lakes beauty, but I was determined to get east and south of the stubborn rain that had plagued me for the past week.

Morning Fog

Border crossing at Sault St. Marie, Michigan/Canada

The Border

My journey on Saturday was on the trans-Canada highway that skirted the north shore of Lake Huron. The sky threatened all day, but Canada remained a gracious host and spared me another wet day. I thoroughly enjoyed my long drive in sixty degree temperatures, bearable humidity, and skies filled with all shades of gray that punctuated scenic inlets and wetlands that invited me to stop frequently for photographs.

Canadian Fog




Nearly 400 miles later a gas station attendant directed me to the quaint village of Severn on the shores of a small bay on Lake Huron. Sunset on the lake soothed my irritation with the week’s weather.  I soaked in the sunset until the mosquitos took their fill.

Here’s where I’m currently at (map).


Receding Sun

The locks at Severn.

The Locks

Here’s how it works.


The other side of the lock and Lake Huron beyond.

The Other Side



When I pulled in here earlier in the day I learned that a fisherman caught a 57 inch Musky from this inlet.

Musky Landing

Dock and Boats at Sunset

Dock and Boats at Sunset

Because of the threat of rain at the beginning of the day, I securely tucked away my Nikon DSLR camera. All pictures on this post were taken with my hand-held point and shoot waterproof Panasonic camera.

A short hop of 170 miles to Niagara Falls today… depending on the weather.


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