Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris

June 21, 2013

“Misery loves company.”  I plugged that into a Google search to find the origin of  the phrase. The answer I liked most stated that it is found in the play, Doctor Faustus, by playwright and poet, Christopher Marlowe. He uses the Latin phrase that is the title of this post. Another source states that it was used as early as 408 B.C. in the work of Sophocles, a Greek playwright and master of tragedy.

No matter its origin.  After reading some of the results of my search I realized I wasn’t really looking for its origin as much as I was looking for who’s used it, how far back it dates and how widespread its use.  I believe it’s a fairly common human sentiment.  What it means, essentially, is that fellow sufferers make one’s current state of misery easier to bear. I typed the Latin phrase into Google Translate as a curiosity to see how it would translate the phrase into English. I did this knowing that the literal translation is sometimes curious. The translation was “Send pain relief allies.”

How appropriate.  It fits how I’m feeling. I’m really not in pain, but I’m in desperate need of some allies for my temporary state of misery – misery caused by weeks-long rain.  Rain isn’t so hard to bear, really. At least not when you’re driving in a car, sitting by a cozy fireplace with your book in hand, or if you’re from the northwest coast of the United States. But I’m on a motorcycle and day after day of this wet stuff gets a little tiring after a while. Yesterday I rode 111 miles before I had to stop because of the rain. Today I had hoped to ride over 250 miles to the northern shore of Lake Huron in Canada before I stopped. That’s where the weather radar indicated it was dry. I got 86 miles in drizzle before I hit a massive wall of rain that stopped me at 94 miles for the day.

Wanna see?

The red star on the map shows where I hoped to be today. The pink star shows where I hoped to be by tomorrow – Niagara Falls. At this point it’s hard to predict where I may end up from day-to-day. The storm front remains heavy and stagnant over the Upper Peninsula.  Anyone have a warm, dry house on-offer where I can hold-up until this front passes?


Solamen miseris socios habuisse doloris

Send pain relief allies


A view over Lake Superior today.

Lake Superior in Rain

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