A Smorgasbord

May 22, 2013

This is a very quick post to share some images from my walk through the giant Sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park, as well as some photo teasers of Yosemite, the grandest of the parks I’ve visited to-date. I learned today that Yosemite’s valley is called The Grand Cathedral. It is no exaggeration.

Indeed, this last week has been a smorgasbord of one amazing national park after another. I’ve never experienced such a buffet of scenery and over-the-top beauty on the face of this earth in such a wide swath of territory. And I’ve seen a lot of this earth. From the Grand Canyon to Zion to Sequoia to Yosemite, the scenery has almost been like something Hollywood would create. But no! It’s Mother Nature at work. Don’t you love Mother Nature?! I’m in awe. I kiss her feet and give thanks.

I have been truly astounded with what I’ve seen. I have feasted this past week. I’ve feasted my eyes so much that I believe I’ve ignored my diet. I’ve been so pre-occupied with getting to a place and then getting out into it that I’ve ignored my stomach while I’ve fed my eyes and other senses. I’m currently in Yosemite, finishing two days here before I pop over to Tahoe for a day. I’m waiting for the sun to get into the right position before I take the last of my photographs and then ride back to my camp in the adjacent national forest. All the national park campgrounds are booked, so I had to ride to the national forest and find a spot tucked into the woods off a quiet country road.

Before I disappear to take the last of my early evening photos of The Grand Cathedral, I leave you with these images of Sequoia National Park – the Grand Sequoias!

I am standing in a hole at the bottom of this tree. I was able to climb inside and could have made my home here, safe from the weather.

Standing Tall

Big Sisters

Take a walk with me while I talk about what it’s like being with these trees.

Sequoia trees are not the tallest in the world, but they are the largest in volume of wood. They make the large trees – by east coast standards – that stand next to them look tiny in comparison.

Grove of Sequoia's

◊ Topless

The General Sherman tree is considered the largest in the world. It is thought to be over 2,200 years old! I took this picture early in the morning as I was leaving the park. There were no people around to give a perspective on its size, so I shot its trunk, which reminded me of someone sticking their big foot out.

General Sherman

Walk with me around a giant Sequoia tree.

If you look closely you can see the little person in this photo.

Look closely

Big Boys

I must get going. Off to take more pictures of Yosemite Valley with the sun getting low in the sky. Here’s a teaser before my next post on Yosemite.

Grand Cathedral

It’s off to Tahoe tomorrow, then San Francisco to see my old Vermont friends, Sarah and Gorman. After that, up the coast to Eureka, California, to see another Vermonter-gone-Left Coast, Lauryn Axelrod. And why not follow that up with a visit to yet another Vermont couple who found the Left Coast in Portland – Amy Van Tassel and Chris Bagg! Fun-filled days lie ahead with friends along the coast.


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