Y’all Listen Up, Now

April 26, 2013

Two of my friends requested that I include a couple of items in my posts: a map of my route and pictures of my camping sites. When possible (because I can only add maps from my laptop, not my iPad), I’ll highlight on a US map where I’ve been in the last few days. In the map section of the web site (Click here to view MAPS) I’ll show my cumulative route and the distances traveled each day.

I’m currently located in this region of the United States

USA Nights 8-11

I stayed two nights in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, with Charles Hill, who was introduced to me through a mutual friend in Putney, Vermont, Pamela Cubbage.  Charles is no longer a “friend of a friend”. He’s now simply and emphatically, a friend. After a day mostly spent writing, I returned to Charles’ house where he generously spent time describing the geography of eastern Tennessee and Kentucky and helping me map my route into Missouri.

Map My Ride


All that planning made us hungry. We decided to cook a massive feast of vegetables. While we were shopping at the local grocery store he identified a humongous bunch of greens as Collards. I exclaimed, “They’re huge!”  When he asked if I ever had them, I said I hadn’t. “Well, then, we’re going to have to have them for dinner,” Charles replied.

The series of photos, videos and audio that follow put Julia Child to shame.  So y’all listen up, now, okay?

Charles on “Collards and Biking Around the U.S.”


Complete audio of Charles bike and collards talk

Listen up

Now you know how to cook collard greens!  Mmmm, were they good!!

After dinner we sat around with Charles partner, Krista, and friend, Ed, and chewed the fat. Lunni, Charles cat, needed some lovin’ too.

Charles and Luna

Pictures Charles and Krista took of the evening’s gathering. Here, Steve, Charles and Ed.

Steve, Charles and Mark

Steve, Ed and Krista

Steve, Mark and Krista


If you’re new to this blog, check out my blog archive here in order to catch up on my travels to-date.


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