Sun & Moon

Tent in woodsApril 24, 2013

A bully wind snapped and slapped at my tent throughout the night. Each time it woke me I peered out through the small window in the vestibule with the anticipation that the sky had turned grumpy and the forecasted thunderstorm was imminent. But I was unfailingly greeted by the few pale stars that were dimmed by the bright, milky moon hovering in a cloudless nighttime sky. Sunrise

By morning I realized the wind was speaking to me. “Look how beautiful the Virginia mountain night,” it continued to insist. After the third or fourth disturbance I understood and sat there staring at the moon and the shadows of the forest cover draped over my tent. I had a choice to complain about my restless sleep, or rejoice in the wind’s persistence.

When my alarm sounded at 6 the cobwebs in my head seemed less so by the spectrum sky that greeted me through a forest alive with the chatter of birds and the soft rustle of leaves. I camped for the night at Rocky Top campground along the Virginia side of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The campground was still closed for the season, with a large gate barring any entrance… at least to cars. Before I wheeled around the gate I glanced left and right for any signs of a park ranger. When none were to be seen, I quickly scooted around its edge and settled into a tent spot down in a hollow and beyond view of the road.

Here are just a couple of pictures from along the parkway from southern Virginia into North Carolina. I’ll share more in my next post.

Blue ridge


My next post will include pictures and stories from the Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Parkway, the most serpentine road I’ve ever traveled anywhere in the world, and my gracious host in Asheville, North Carolina, Charles. Right now I’d like to return to this past weekend in Arlington, Virginia with my friend Amir, his partner (and my new friend) Annie, and Erich Shiffmann.

I arrived in Arlington, Virginia, on Saturday afternoon. My friend, and former work clleague, Amir Tahami, owns two yoga studios in Virginia called Sun and Moon. He was hosting renowned yogi,Erich Shiffmann, for a weekend workshop. The timing was synchronistic. Amir invited me as a guest to join the workshop. Click on the hyperlinked text to Sun and Moon, and Erich Shiffmann to learn more.

Thank you Amir and Annie for hosting me!!

My friend, Amir


Erich Shiffmann




Erich, Amir and Annie

E A and A

Workshop participants



Listen to these MP3 audio files of Erich teaching. The first audio file is an inspirational talk. The second audio file can be played in segments. Erich leads you through several asanas.

Asana Practice (this audio starts with you standing)


With Amir’s cats at his home

a and cats



Two Cats

I arrived in Asheville, North Carolina, early this evening and plan to depart on Friday morning for the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

If you’re new to this blog, check out my blog archive here in order to catch up on my travels to-date.


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