April 23, 2013

I crossed the 1,000 mile mark today on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s been another blue sky day with temperatures warming into the 70’s as I approached Roanoke, VA. Over the higher elevations above 3,000 feet I had to stop and throw on a scarf and adjust my gloves.  That didn’t last long.

By the time I arrived in the vicinity of Roanoke I got the insane idea into my head that I’d go into the city, find a public library, write a blog post and update my web site’s map on my laptop. My iPad with its 3G connection has been brilliantly convenient, but it’s difficult to post photos and impossible (at least to me) to update my Google map. Maybe I’ll learn new strategies as the trip progresses.

Traffic, exhaust fumes and noise drove me to abandon this idea, fill up my gas tank, buy groceries and head back to the parkway. I’m sitting at a roadside rest stop now to take a breather. Here are some pictures I meant to post earlier from Robert George, who I met at Lynde Motorsports as I was preparing to depart Brattleboro on April 17.

Stanley and Steve exchange contact information

Stanley and Steve

Fully loaded and ready to hit the road


Here’s a picture from the parkway this morning.

blue ridge morning

I hope to arrive in Asheville, North Carolina, tomorrow.

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