Sunrise on a CSA

sunrise on my tent

April 18, 2013

I awoke this morning to a soft sunrise on the farm of Lewis Kofsky. My one-man tent is pictured to the left. It’s therapy for my sometimes claustrophobia. My toes dipped into the cold dew on the grass. Had I not woken up already chilled from the cold night air the dew would have done the trick. I wanted to wring it from the grassy meadow, pour it into a glass and drink it.

Furrowed fields

Lewis works for a software start-up, but also owns a working farm that operates as a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Hilary manages the farm full-time while Lewis splits his time between New York and San Francisco. The farm sells 50 shares of produce during the late spring and summer. A share feeds two people, Hilary told me. They also sponsor community meals on the land.


I awoke as the sun started to lighten the inside of my tent. I took a solitary walk on the land and in the fields as the birds chattered and the train bound for New York City rolled out of the nearby station. It seemed apropos to be in upstate New York and yet so close to The City, as I’ve learned to refer to NYC. New York state always seemed to create that contrast for me. I walked in organic vegetable fields yet still heard the sounds of civilization that belong to suburban and city life.

Hilary previously worked for a software startup. She moved to the west coast, got tired of it and returned to the land. She’s spent a lot of time on farms. While I talked with Hilary, who was up early planting spinach and bok choy, I also tried to make friends with her contented four-legged companion, Gerkin. Gerkin recently traveled by car across the country from west to east with Hilary. If Gerkin can do the trans-continental journey, so can I. She was a little bashful at first, but that didn’t last long. It only took a little coaxing…

Gerkin trots

Oh okay!

…before she was marshmallow in my hands.

Pet Me

Contented Dog

Around the farm


Solar panels added last year.

Solar panels

Morning sunlight on the branches

Pine sun

Maple buds are popping on the trees

Maple buds

Gerkin in bliss

I crossed through New Jersey


and into Pennsylvania by late afternoon (I never saw the Welcome to Pennsylvania road sign). My trip was slowed by several stops to find shelter from the rain. I’m currently in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, about 75 miles northeast of Harrisburg. Tomorrow more rain in the forecast, so I expect travel will also be slow. Perhaps I’ll hold up in Gettysburg for a day or two. I am an alumnus of Gettysburg College and haven’t been back since I graduated. I think I need to walk the preppy campus in my black leather. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Sunrise on a CSA

  1. Absolutely walk the campus in your black leather. And tell the kids that one day they can grow up to be just like you if they play their cards right. They’ll think it’s a joke, but I think it’s true.

    • I just rode through the campus. It’s preppier than I had remembered. Tomorrow I’ll walk it. 😉 One bummer – my fraternity house is being demolished! I was hoping to crash there tonight. I guess I’ll need to find an apple orchard to sleep in instead.

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