Stop & Go

April 3, 2013

If you own a motorized vehicle then you’ve had one of these. If you haven’t, then you either haven’t owned your vehicle long enough, or your vehicle’s going to break down soon. If it’s the latter, I suggest you get one soon.

“Get what?” you may ask.

“Get an oil change.”

I’m in the process of doing all the things that need to get done before I hop on my motorcycle next week and explore these United States. Changing the oil in my car was one of those tasks today. It’s going to be parked in the hills of Vermont for the next three months. I don’t want it sitting around with dirty oil in its engine.

While I was there I realized I had my camera in my back seat. I said to myself, “Why does my Images-Voices-Words project need to wait?  Stop & Go Oil Lube needs to be photographed now. So photograph I did.  Whitney and Reuben, who changed the oil in my car – one from above and one from below – were very accommodating. Remi, another customer who found my photo session amusing, got in on the action.

I’ll have to get an oil change or two on my motorbike during my trek across the States. I foresee a motorcycle oil change sequel to this post sometime in the near future – about 3,000 miles from now…

Whitney checks the fluids and the air filter.

Whitney Checks the Filter

While Reuben drains the oil.

Reuben Drains Oil

Remi, a customer in the adjacent bay, finds my photo session amusing. He comments, “You look like you’re having fun.”

“I am!” I reply with a chuckle while on my hands and knees photographing Reuben at work.

So I ask him if he wants to join the action.

He obliges…

Remi Gets Involved

…while Reuben works on.

Reuben Keeps it Going

I show Remi some of the pictures I took of him. He comments that his hair looks awful. He puts on his hat. It’s a pretty cool hat. I’d like to add it to my hat collection. I own hats from all over the world. Remi’s lucky he got out of there without me plucking it from his head, jumping in my hot Toyota Prius and ripping out of Stop & Go with the pedal to the metal.

He doesn’t seem amused at the idea.

Remi Puts On Hat

A photo session at Stop & Go makes the time go by quickly.

Reuben Reattaches Plug

Before I know it, Reuben’s already re-attaching the oil plug and calling for Whitney to fill ‘er up.  All set to add the new oil!

All Set - Add Oil!

Whitney fills her up…

Whitney Adds New Oil

…while Remi tells me about his recent trip to the Caribbean as an agent selling art to Roman Abramovich. He stayed on his yacht, the M/Y Eclipse for four days. You never know who you may meet at the local Stop & Go. I suggest you strike up a conversation the next time you’re there.

Remi Amused

Now you can change your own oil, right?



All content Copyrighted © Stephen Craig Tavella

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